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US registration

Are you intending to register your aircraft in America?
We will be happy to assist you or fully oversee this process for you. 
Broadly speaking, the process consists of the following:

•    Reservation of a licence plate through the FAA.
•    Checking whether an N-registration is possible
•    Support and advice for using a trust
•    Deregistration of the aircraft with the current Authority, applying for a CofA for Export if required
•    Receipt of a US registration certificate
•    Request previous US documents if required
•    Inspection of flight documents by us
•    Carrying out a 100 hrs inspection
•    Checking the aircraft conforms with the FAA type certificate data sheet
•    Attaching the US registration and fireproof identification plate
•    Creation of documentation (AD lists, life limits, data sheet, POH, signage, logbooks etc.) for the FAA
•    Appointments and coordination with the FAA-DAR on:
•    Issuing the Airworthiness Certificate

Contact us for an in-depth discussion and more details about the pros and cons of US registration.                                                        

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