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A skill test or proficiency check is usually required for  a rating issued or revalidation, or for renewal of an expired rating.


The test or check also includes an oral and/or written examination conducted by the Examiner.


Expired rating could be re-new only if proper training has been performed satisfactory.


Most of the National Aviation Authorities require written notice before the test.

Please book and send your documents 15 days in advance to advice your Authority.


Check here our rates.


First step to start  the process:      scan the following documents:

- license 

- medical certificate

- last page your loogbook

- language proficiency certificate if required ( only for Pilot who holds IR rating )

- ATO training form signed by FI/IRI/CRI and HT ( only for expired rating )


Second step:                           send us scanned documents via email, click here 


Third step:                              you will contacted by email, tell us:

                                                - where do you wish perform your check ride, 

                                                - when do you wish perform your check ride 

                                                - specify type of aircraft and registration mark

                                                - any other requests


Fourth step:                            - read suggestions and tips

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