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We provide a full aircraft management service for owners of private aircraft to meet your specific requirements.

Call us today to find out how we can help you to maximise your enjoyment and minimise your costs. Our aim is to build a long term relationship with you and make sure that your aircraft is operated efficiently and cost effectively.




- Airworthiness management                    300 Usd/yr *                     FAR 91 

- SE aircraft set up                                       200 Usd one time only    FAR 91

- ME aircraft set up                                      250 Usd one time only    FAR 91

- Aircraft booking system and invoicing  300 Usd/yr *

- Ferry flight                                                  250 Usd /4 hrs     500 Usd/day

- Risks Assestment                                       250 Usd /4 hrs     400 Usd/day

- Office paper work                                      45 Usd /hr

- Travel expenses                                         0.54 Usd/mi 0.54 GBP/mi 


- Accomodation should be provide by MRO/ATO/Owner when overnight is necessary.


* Airwothiness management services includes office paper work for schedule maintenance activity up to 150 flights per year. Both services @500 Usd/yr


updated 10/2017

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