Aircraft ManagementAircraft Management

items required for any exam:
- ID documents with photo
- Original license, certificates and  logbook.  For any IR check, valid English proficiency ELP certfiicate is mandatory.
- VFR charts ( for V-Y-Z flight plan ) and all tools required for planning.
- IFR charts for I flight plan. 
- current  SID , STAR, IAP charts for IR flight only ( Dep, dest and alt A/d )
- current  VFR airport charts ( dep, dest and alt A/d )
- weather conditions at departure, destination and alternates airports.
Your aircraft must hold valid documents, should be refuel in accordance with flight plan and shoud be checked in accordance with Airplane flight manual.
Flight plan, refuelling and pre flight checks must be done by yourself before the exam starts.
For I or Z flight plan ACK and CTOT messages must be checked by Candidate.
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